A Quick Guide to Proven Products for Thin Hair

Toppik on 11 June 2015

Choosing Products that Work

When it comes to products for thin or thinning hair,the problem isn’t a lack of choice. In fact, it’s the opposite. With such an abundance of thin hair products available, all of which promise quick and thick hair, it can be hard to know what to believe. What actually works out there and what is worth trying?

The truth is that different products will work for different people. What is someone else’s ideal and miracle product is someone else’s’ disappointment. At Toppik we understand that everyone is different, and that there are plenty of people who are looking for different things when it comes to products for thin hair.

That’s why we put together this quick and simple guide to thin hair products, so that you can match what you’re looking for with what works.

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Keratin Microfibres

What is it? If your thin hair needs a quick boost, then keratin fibres are a guaranteed hair thickening solution. No, it’s not permanent – but it’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to get a thick and full head of hair.

How does it work? The tiny fibres are made from keratin -- the protein natural hair is made from. These fibres are charged with static electricity which makes them attracted and hold to existing hair. The result is an instant head of hair which can stand up to all kinds of conditions, including wind, rain and perspiration.

Who is it for? Keratin microfibers are undetectable to the naked eye and can be applied in 30 seconds. The ease of use means this product can be included into even the busiest morning routine. It’s an instant and guaranteed solution ideal for anyone looking to easily get a thicker head of hair.

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Nizoral Shampoo

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What is it? There are plenty of shampoos on the market which boast hair boosting properties. Healthy, strong and clean hair is a necessary requirement for minimising hair loss and maintaining thick hair, but the effectiveness of many of these products is not certain. Nizoral Shampoo is a promising product for those who want to promote new hair growth as well as stopping hair loss.

How does it work? Nizoral Shampoo contains ketoconazole, an anti-fungal agent which is primarily used as an anti-dandruff and anti-inflammation product. There is evidence that it can prevent follicular inflammation as well as reducing surface DHT, a primary compound linked with hair loss and hair thinning.

Who is it for? Nizoral based Shampoos are for those who are looking for ways to get thicker hair by reducing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. It is an easy option to combine with other hair loss treatments or hair thickening products.


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What is it? Minoxidil is one of the most effective over-the-counter treatments for hereditary hair loss. It is applied as a topical application, usually a foam or spray, up to twice a day. Results can be seen within two to four months of persistent use.

How does it work? The most common form of hair loss is androgenic alopecia. As the body ages, the hair growth cycle becomes shorter and hair gets thin, recedes or disappears completely. There are very few proven treatments for this kind of hair loss, but minoxidil is one of them. The exact mechanism behind minoxidil is not certain, but most researchers believe it works by allowing more oxygen, blood and nutrients to the hair follicle.

Who is it for? Minoxidil is a treatment for hair loss available for both men and women. Although it has been proven to be effective, it is not guaranteed that everyone will experience outstanding results. Treatment also needs to be continuous – hair will revert back to its original condition once treatment has stopped. This solution is ideal for people who want to grow stronger hair and don’t mind waiting for the results.

One problem, many solutions

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Whether you are looking to give your thin hair a boost, or looking to grow entirely new hair, there is a product out there for you. What you choose will depend on what results you are expecting, how you want to use it and how much time you are willing to commit.

Minoxidil is an effective treatment for hair loss for some people, while a Nizoral shampoo may also assist in the growth of new hair. Keratin fibres are an effective treatment for those who are looking for a quick and guaranteed way to give thin hair a full and thick appearance.

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