Thin Hair? You’re Not Alone.

Toppik on 9 April 2015

If you have thin hair it can feel like your styling options are extremely limited. Flicking through magazines in the hairdresser salon makes you green with hair-envy. It’s amazing how important a few extra hairs on the head can feel.

Luckily, you are not alone. There are many others out there who have battled with the limitations of thin and thinning hair and have come up with creative solutions and advice.

We take a look at some of the best hair styling websites and online communities out there for thin hair. Use some of these online troves to brainstorm your new doo!

1.therighthairstyleforyouThe Right Hairstyles for You

This is a very simple but inspiration rich blog which is updated daily with new posts. If your thin hair makes you feel plain, then explore this site for that elusive spark of inspiration.

Each post is filled with many examples of great celebrity hairstyles to get you started on your new look. Try this post with 70 style ideas for thin hair.

Men are not left out either, with this post of hairstyles from some of the most dashing thin-haired gentlemen on the red carpet.



When it comes to online styling advice, Reddit is hard to beat. Reddit is a free social network of niche communities where users post topics and share advice or their favourite tips.

With some hair styling communities on Reddit boasting tens of thousands of contributors, you’ll be able to get the right styling advice no matter how bad your bad hair day is.

The best and largest communities are Hair and Hair Care Science. Subscribing to these communities and checking into posts will give you free styling advice from real people from around the world. You can even give out advice if you’re feeling game!

Use the search tool to filter posts and styling tips for thin hair and thinning hair. You may be surprised to find that your own question has been asked before.


3.marieclaireMarie Claire Virtual Stylist

So you have picked out your new hairstyle and loaded up on styling advice. You feel prepared and ready to call your hair dresser, but you hesitate. Is this really the right look for you?

Thankfully, you can use the Marie Claire Virtual Stylist to make sure. This Virtual Hairstylist tool allows you to easily upload a picture of yourself and virtually try on up to 120 of the trendiest hairstyles seen on the red carpet and customise them to suit you.

Added bonus: It’s fun!


4.toppikToppik Resource Centre

Need another great resource for thin and thinning hair advice? You’re looking at it! The Toppik Resource Centre is a quality source of advice for all manner of questions regarding thin hair and thinning hair.

Have you ever thought about a hair transplant? Or how about hair thickening products? We have done the research so you don’t have to!

You can also use the handy filter bar to locate articles relevant to you.

Remember: fantastic hair is out there!

When it comes to hair, don’t despair. Use these resources to find your new hair style - no matter how fine or thin you hair may be, there is a solution!

If your hair is too thin for your ideal style, we can help.

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