Discover how Monica beat her hair loss with Toppik

Toppik on 27 July 2017

Hair and beauty are multi-billion dollar industries, and the average woman (and man!) will spend tonnes of money over their lifetime. From volumizing shampoos and leave-in conditioners to treatments, sprays, mousses and creams, there is a seemingly endless supply of products available to treat and style hair.

For many of us, it is quite literally our ‘crowning glory.’ Think about how much time and effort you spend washing and styling your hair every week. We care for our hair not only because many of us believe that appearances are important — rather, it’s because we think that our hair represents our personality, thoughts, and beliefs.

Why is hair so important to many of us?

Hair defines us — it is a reflection of our private and public identity. Women and men tend to notice a connection between bad hair and having a bad day: indeed, when hair is too fine, too frizzy, too dry, turning grey or falling out, an individual’s self-esteem can be significantly affected.

From Samson extracting his strength from his long hair to Rapunzel rescued by her long braid or Medusa’s headful of snakes, hair has always been considered special and valuable. Indeed, in some cultures, hair is so powerful and seductive that it hides under a veil. So it is little wonder that when hair loss (alopecia) or hair thinning becomes apparent, many of us begin to worry.

Causes of hair loss or hair thinning

Hair loss is stereotypically associated with a retired male in his late 50s, but the truth is it can happen to anyone at any time. Many factors contribute to hair loss, including genetics, stress, hormones, deficiencies in your diet, and various medical conditions.

Here are just a few examples of the psychological impact that hair loss can have on an individual:

  • Depression
  • Trigger feelings of stress
  • Paranoia and social anxiety
  • Question their gender identity

Female hair loss is almost as common as male hair loss. In fact, more than 55 per cent of women will experience some degree of hair loss in their life. Discuss your concerns with your GP if your hair loss is getting the better of you, as this may help you get an accurate diagnosis of what could be causing your condition. It is important to remember that you are not alone in this journey — read on to discover how Monica beat her hair loss with Toppik.

Monica's story

Like most individuals, Monica panicked when she first started noticing her hair was thinning.

“15 years ago the hair on the sides of my head started getting less and less, and over the years has gotten worse.”

Feeling more and more self-conscious every day, Monica decided to do something about it. However, she didn’t want to try medication or hair transplants, thinking that they were just a gimmick or out of her budget. Monica was searching for something more practical, and when her friend suggested Toppik’s hair fibres, it changed her life.

“10 years ago a friend put me onto Toppik, and the difference it has made in my life is huge. I can wear my hair up, and people don't even notice the hair loss!”

Monika supporting Image

She credits her positive outlook on life and renewed self-esteem to Toppik’s cosmetic products.

“Occasionally I will tell someone, and they are shocked as they cannot even tell — it’s amazing! You have given me back confidence — thank you! You have a life long customer in me, that's for sure!”

How Toppik’s hair fibres work

Toppik hair fibres are a safe and natural way to improve the appearance of your hair. Made from pure keratin protein — the same material that your hair is made of — these high-quality fibres are electrostatically charged to form a magnetic attraction with your existing hair.

Simply shake your Toppik bottle above your thinning areas to scatter thousands of tiny hair-like fibres over your head. These strands will bond with your natural hair, resulting in a natural-looking, thicker, fuller head of hair. Available in nine different colours that will seamlessly match with the colour of your natural hair, these fibres last through wind, rain, and sweat. Secure and safe to use, the product won’t come off until you wash it out.

You’ve read Monica's story — but don’t take her word for it! See it for yourself when you buy Toppik’s hair fibres for your hair loss. Contact Toppik today on 1300 867 745 for more information on how we can treat your hair loss or thinning.