Make Sure Your Styling Products Don't Undo Your Thin Hair Treatment

Toppik on 23 December 2015

Our guide to hair loss products and styling

So you've got thinning hair? Not to worry, there are many hair loss products that can help you thicken and regrow your hair, including Toppik Hair Fibres. Once you've got that sorted out, the next question is about what styling products to use with your newly thick and gorgeous hair. The last thing you want is for your styling products to undo the work of your thin hair treatments!

In this guide we will look at which styling products and techniques work well with thin hair treatments. You can be confident that your hair will look great with styling without undoing the hard work you've done to get it looking thick and luscious again.

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Styling products you can use with hair loss products

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When it comes to combining styling products with hair loss treatments, or even just using styling products on thin hair without any hair loss treatments, the key is to keep it light. If your hair is thin, you don't want to weigh it done heavy, greasy or waxy products.

Here are some recommendations, but the best way to find out for sure if something will work for you is to just try it! Don't be afraid to get creative with hair styling, having thin hair shouldn't stop you from having fun with it

Matte Matters. Styling products with a matte finish will likely be more effective than those with a wet looking finish when it comes to thin hair.

More Mousse. Hair mousse is a good styling alternative to gels and waxes that can weigh hair down. Mousse is light and will help add volume to your hair.

Use Toppik Together. The best way to know if a styling product will work with a hair loss product is to go with products that were designed to work together. So why not try Toppik Hair Fibres and Toppik Fibrehold Spray together?

Styling tips for people using hair loss products

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When it comes to styling, it's not just the products that are important. There are many things you can do to ensure that you get the most out of hair loss treatments.

See a Stylist. A professional is best person to give you styling advice and a haircut that will compliment you and your hair nicely.

Use fingers for fancy follicles. Instead of combing or brushing, which can damage thin hair, use your fingers to style your hair. You'll get better volume and lift this way.

Get some air in your hair. Blow drying is another good way to get extra volume into thin hair but be sure not to over-heat your hair. Too much heat can damage the proteins in your hair.

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