Common Hair Treatments Reviewed

Toppik on 11 June 2015

The good, the bad and the iffy

When it comes to hair loss treatments there is more than enough research to be done. It’s true, some treatments are more effective than others. And some treatments are outright bogus. Sometimes it’s just down to the person, sometimes it comes down to science.

If you’re looking for a hair loss treatment, you may be wondering what your options are. The most common and talked about methods include drugs, keratin fibres, hair transplants and laser therapy. Each of these hair loss treatments work in different ways, with levels of effectiveness ranging from confirmed to unproven.

We have gone through the advantages and disadvantages of each of these common treatments to find out the common question: “what is the right hair loss treatment for me?”

Keratin Hair Fibres Review

keratin hair fibres

Keratin hair fibre products help give the appearance of full and thick hair, without invasive surgery or prolonged drug treatments. While they will not aid in the growth of new hair, they will neither damage nor weaken existing hair.

Keratin is the same protein that human hair is made from. This allows the fibres to blend more naturally with your existing hair and are more undetectable than traditional hairpieces. Products such as Toppik Hair Fibres have been developed with specific colour match technology which allows the fibres to blend seamlessly with your own hair colour.

The fibres work by forming a magnetic bond with existing individual strands of hair. This bond is surprisingly strong -- it lasts through wind, rain and perspiration, yet washes out easily with shampoo. This means that there is no need to change your habits or lifestyle, except scheduling 30 seconds in your morning routine to apply and style the product.


  • 100% safe to use
  • Colour matched to your hair
  • Easy and quick application method


  • Does not regrow new hair
  • Fibres require some existing hair for fibres to bond with


Keratin fibres are one of the most effective, safe and quick ways to instantly thicken hair. There is no need to fork out for expensive procedures, drugs or even radically change your lifestyle. It’s perfect for anyone looking to reverse the appearance of thin or thinning hair without risk, side effects or a big hit to the hip pocket.

Minoxidil Review

minoxidil hair regrowth

Minoxodil is the primary ingredient in topical hair regrowth foams and sprays. It is one of very few treatments which has been proven to stop hair loss and even regrow new hair in some cases.

Hair loss experts believe minoxidil works by widening blood vessels. This is thought to increase blood flow to hair follicles and promote the growth of new hair.

If targeted early enough, Minoxodil can be a very effective treatment for hair loss and works for both men and women. However, this treatment works better with some people than others. It is most effective in the early stages of hair loss and is less effective to users who have had prolonged hair loss or baldness.


  • Actively stops hair loss and can regrow hair
  • Proven results
  • Easy topical application


  • Takes months of use to see results
  • Stops working once medication ceases
  • Is not as effective for users in late stages of hair loss


As far as hair loss treatments for regrowing hair, minoxidil is one of the most tried, tested and proven. Though results may vary person to person, it should be the first treatment to consider if you are not satisfied with a simple cosmetic approach and are willing to commit to continued treatment.

Hair Transplant Review

hair transplant review

Hair transplants have come a long way over the years. Twenty years ago, the treatment used ‘plug’ transplants which gave the patient doll-like hair. These days however, the process involves transplanting real hair follicles and can show excellent results for those who can afford it.

A surgeon grafts thin strips of hair bearing skin from the donor area, usually the back or side of the head, to the affected area. The new follicles are not susceptible to high levels of DHT, a compound linked to the process of thinning hair. Transplanted hair may look much better than before, but it is difficult to recreate a full level of thickness.


  • Natural and real hair
  • Permanent


  • Requires surgery and associated risks
  • Expensive – up to $18,000


 it is also the one of the most expensive hair loss treatments. It should only be considered by those who have tried every other option and are still determined to get their real hair back.

Laser Therapy Review

laser hair treatment

Lasers certainly can be used to permanently remove hair. But when it comes to regrowing hair, the results are not proven. There are a number of consumer level products which use laser and light technology which claim to promote new hair growth. Some hair loss clinics also use laser technology combined with other treatments such as minoxidil.

The scientific claim is that the laser light stimulates hair follicles. This may be true, but the ideal wavelength, power, time and frequency has not been established. Due to the lack of evidence in promoting hair growth, laser therapy is not officially recognised as an effective treatment for hair loss.


  • May make hair look healthier


  • Is not a proven treatment for hair loss
  • Expensive


Laser therapy remains a relatively expensive and unproven hair loss treatment. Though it gained popularity with celebrity endorsements, these claims have been found to be misleading.


Finding products that are clinically-tested and scientifically-proven to be an effective hair loss treatment is a more difficult task than it seems. Unfortunately, with all the promise out there on the internet and on supermarket shelves, the reality is that many options are not as effective as they claim to be.

The good news is that there are hair thickening products and hair loss treatments out there that do work. The choice comes down to weighing the benefits of each treatment and deciding which ones are worth your time and effort. Whether you’re looking for early prevention of hereditary hair loss or simply want to conceal your thinning hair, there is a hair loss treatment available for you.

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