Find out how to style your eyebrows and get the results you want.

Toppik on 20 July 2016

Getting the perfect look for your eyebrows doesn't happen by accident. It takes a bit of effort and some of the right tools, but it isn't as complicated as it looks. You can style your brows and get amazing results, too. 

Here's our guide to getting the perfect eyebrows.

how to get your best brows infographic

Toppik Brow Building Fibres

Our brow fibres give you a simple and easy way of getting thick, bold brows. We've been loving the trend of thick, natural looking eyebrows and we're excited to provide a styling product that lets women who don't have the big brow gene to get the look, too.

You can get the bold brow look, regardless of whether or not your brows are naturally big and bushy.

Get the bold brow look with Toppik, check out our Brow Building Fibres Set.