Who will win in a fight to the death?

Toppik on 18 December 2015

Which is better, spray-on hair or shake-on hair? It's a debate as old as time itself.

Ok, maybe not that old. But it's certainly a question that's raged for as long as Donald Trump's untamed comb-over has danced in the wind.

So to solve the argument once-and-for-all, we've broken down the pros and cons of each into key categories: speed, ease, price, durability, look, comfort and quality. After seven head-to-head rounds, only one will remain victorious.

Round one...fight!



Shake-on hair fibres are quick to apply. Like, really quick. Applying them takes only 30 seconds. As your "looking great" routine goes, it's faster than shaving or brushing your teeth!

Not to be outdone, spray-on hair also takes just a matter of seconds to apply. In terms of pure speed, there's nothing to pick between the two.

Winner - tie



Point and shake. That's it. With shake-on hair fibres, statically-charged particles create an invisible bond between the fibres and your existing hair.

Spray-on hair is similarly easy to use - point, spray and step out with confidence within less than a minute. After two rounds, we're still neck-and-neck!

Winner - tie



When is comes to cost-effectiveness, it's no contest. This is purely a question of economy of scale - it's much easier to manufacture and sell large containers of shake-on hair fibres than it is to sell giant bottles of spray-on hair. For example, Toppik giant size essentially gives you 45% extra free (when compared to regular size).

Spray-on hair products tend to come in a standard-size bottle, which means reduced opportunity to save by buying in bulk.

Winner - shake-on



This is where spray-on hair products really start to fall down. That spray isn't clinging to your hair through an inivisible static charge (like Toppik fibres do) - they're just spray painting your scalp. Once the wind whips up and the rain begins to fall, that paint job will begin to run.

On the other hand, shake-on fibres can withstand the elements, perspiration and all the other rigours of modern life.

Winner - shake-on



Shake-on fibres come in a range of natural colours to match your hair colour. So even if you're up close with the Poirot of thinning hair (interesting line of work), you can be confident in a natural look.

Spray-on hair products on the other hand can look quite obvious. Even if the weather holds out, sprays can cause a streaky, uneven look. It's also much harder to find the right shade to match your existing hair colour.

Winner - shake-on



Spray-on fibres are essentially an adhesive chemical mist that contain tiny artificial hair fibres. The result is a sticky mess than can be a pain to clean off your scalp.

Fibres like Toppik on the other hand use a (completely safe) static electric charge as the bonding mechanism - no need for messy glues or adhesives.

Winner - shake-on



Providing you choose high quality shake-on hair products, the absence of artificial dyes and harsh chemicals in keratin hair fibres means no scalp irritation or redness.

Sprays on the other hand may contain any number of unnatural chemicals and colourings. While not a problem for everyone, many people with sensitive skin can experience itchiness and irritation.

Winner - shake-on



Shake-on fibres like the ones Toppik produce are made from keratin - the same natural substance your hair is made from. It is important to choose shake-on hair fibres made in this way - rather than cheaper brands which use synthetic hair fibres. These can cause scalp irritation and are easily detectable to the naked eye - even at a distance.

Spray-ons again lose out in this category as they usually consist of synthetic materials rather than natural keratin.

Winner - shake-on (provided you choose high quality hair fibres)


Overall winner - shake-on hair fibres.

toppik hair fibers family group

It was no contest, really. After putting up an early fight, spray-on hair spent the later rounds on the ropes before succumbing to a knock-out.

Shake-on fibres like Toppik are trusted by millions of men worldwide. And based on the above evidence, it's easy to see why. In our head-to-head, hair fibres shook off the competition in nearly every category.

So join the legions of men - and rapidly-increasing numbers of women - who trust Toppik for a full-looking head of hair.