Stop Thinning Hair Using Women’s Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment

Toppik on 23 September 2015

Hair not what it used to be?

Or maybe it’s exactly the same. Either way, thin hair is a part of your life and that’s something you want to change. That’s understandable – thin hair can be the root of frustration in the bathroom and cause serve pangs of self-consciousness when you pass your reflection in street windows. Not fun.

First, we would say that most of this is just in – not on – your head. For the most part, a bit of thinning hair is nothing to be worried about and many women are in the same boat . But you already know that, right? You’re here to find ways to boost your hair; to either transform it back to those youthful days or fill it out for more styling satisfaction.

Whatever your reasons, you’re in luck. There are a number of options for women with thinning hair to get the thick and luscious locks of your dreams. Whether you want to grow your hair, fill it out with fibres or employ a stylist’s visual trickery with a clever cut, there are ways to make you feel happy about hair. Read on to find out more about one of the most talked new products from Toppik – Our Minoxidil Regrowth treatment, made just for women!

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Female hair loss is often hereditary

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Though it can be hard to admit, hair loss is a part of life, even for women. Though we may not experience hair loss to the same extent as men, over time our hair can get noticeably thinner.

Hereditary hair loss is called Androgenic Alopecia, and it starts affecting half of women by the time they turn 40 (but the hair thinning process it can start much earlier than that!). This is a genetic type of hair loss, and no amount of changes to your brushing or blow drying habits will slow this down.

Then there are other types of hair loss, which are non-hereditary. This includes temporary hair loss such as Telogen Effluvium and Traction Alopecia. These causes can occur at any time are rarely a chronic problem, and could be a reaction from stress, hormones, medication. In Traction Alopecia, trauma to the hair follicles is the main culprit and is usually associated with the overuse of tight hairstyles (so, ease up on the tight ponytail!).

In some less common cases, hair loss can be due Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease. This condition requires medical treatment, so consult your doctor if you can’t seem to explain symptoms of hair loss.

Minoxidil is one of the only hair regrowth treatments available (that actually work!)

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Minoxidil is a treatment for Androgenic Alopecia, the most common type of hair loss for women. And no, this isn’t a vague promise like ‘may contribute to hair growth’ or ‘supports the growth of hair’… Minoxidil has been independently proven to regrow hair! Yep, and it’s been in use for decades so it's 100% safe, not to mention easy to use.

Toppik’s Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women is one unique product that contains 2% of the active ingredient minoxidil. It’s a simple and discrete hair growth solution that can be applied whenever and wherever you may be—whether that is the comfort of your home, at work or on-the-go.

Some users of minoxidil experience noticeable growth as early as two months, though other users will start seeing results at around four months. The effectiveness of minoxidil and the end results will often vary from person to person, so the only way to know for sure that minoxidil is for you is to try it out for yourself!

You can use it with all your other hair products.

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One of the best things about minoxidil (other than it works) is its ease of application. Just apply 1ml, or about five pumps, to the root of your hair twice a day! That means it can be used in conjunction will all your other hair care and hair styling products; there's no need to change your normal routines!

This means that our Hair Regrowth Treatment works perfectly with our acclaimed keratin hair building fibres. While these fibres will not aid in the growth of new hair, they will instantly give the appearance of thick hair. The fibres work by forming a strong magnetic bond with existing individual strands of hair which can last in the wind, rain and perspiration.

So, stop hair loss in its tracks and try out Minoxidil

From minoxidil to keratin fibres, at Toppik we are the experts in finding ways to boost your hair.

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