Your no-fail, step-by-step guide to a fuller head of hair

Toppik on 11 October 2017

It's often the little things that bring us the most comfort in life. A vase of fresh flowers on a bedside table, a free cookie with our takeaway coffee, or an unexpected compliment from a colleague.

But something else that tends to deliver a great deal of comfort as well is detailed advice on how to use a product or service, practical guidance from a friend on how to get something 'right', or a set of assembly instructions next to a box of flatpack furniture.

With this in mind, we've created the ultimate guide to using hair fibres. Because we figure, if you're reading this, you want to know how to make them work best for you. You want to know precisely how to apply Toppik, and you want to achieve perfectly natural-looking hair.

Most of us are undercover perfectionists, after all, and when it comes to something that's as publicly perceptible as hair, it's natural not to want to take any risks. The great thing about Toppik Hair Building Fibres is that they're colorfast, which means they won't run, streak or rub off on your clothing or pillows. But there is absolutely an art to applying them, and in this post we're going to take you through that art, step-by-step, so that you can save time, stress and product.

Here's how to use Toppik in seven straightforward steps, regardless of whether you're a man or woman.

Step 1: Start with a blank canvas

root volumizer

Towel-dry, blow-dry or air-dry your hair completely. Toppik Hair Fibres should be used only on dry hair. Your hair doesn't have to be squeaky clean, but to maximise the Toppik effect, we do recommend going in with it freshly washed.

On that note, we also make a specialised shampoo and conditioner at Toppik which gently cleanses fine and thinning hair and will help, not hinder, hair growth. The lightweight formula leaves your hair looking healthier and fuller, without weighing it down.

Step 2: Shake, shake, shake

Hold the container of hair fibres 2-3 inches above the area of hair you wish to thicken or cover. If you're targeting a small region, it can help to bring the container right up close. Shake the bottle lightly - don't shake it too energetically when you're first starting out! Aside from wasting your precious product, it's hard to revise a heavy application without starting all over again.

The beauty of Toppik Hair Building Fibres is that they adhere to your hair via static electricity. In other words, the fibres form a magnetic attraction to your existing hair. This means you don't need to apply Toppik too liberally to get the full coverage you desire.

Step 3: Fine-tune and finesse

Occasionally, you may need to take a cotton ball and use it to clean stray fibres off your forehead or blend the 'perimeter' of your hair into shape. While it may be tempting to reach for a tissue or toilet paper, don't do this! They will just push it around your hair whereas a cotton ball will pick the fibres up like magic.

We recommend using a small hand mirror to check the areas you have enhanced at the back of your head when you first start using hair fibres. You will soon learn the exact technique of applying them effectively with no hand mirror at all - it's just a matter of getting a feel for it - but to start off with, it's a good way to learn what works best for you.

Step 4: Style as desired

hair fibres giant size


You can either pat your hair with your hands to ensure the even distribution of Toppik Hair Building Fibres in your desired areas or use a comb to spread them out. Use a wide-toothed, plastic, non-bristle brush to comb and style your hair as desired.

Most Toppik customers tend to say that their hair is much easier to style when it has the added bulk of Toppik fibres in it. This may be the time to experiment with a new quiff if you're a guy, or a textured style if you're a woman!

Step 5: Add some 'security'

If you're worried about your hair fibres staying in place, we have you covered. Toppik fibres are weather resistant, and there are some useful products you can add to your styling arsenal.

Toppik Fibrehold Spray is specifically formulated to strengthen the bond between hair fibres and thinning hair, and will lock your chosen style into place. This clever little hairspray enhances the existing weather-resistant properties of Toppik Hair Building Fibres.

Step 6: Put away your products

hair fibres giant size

You've just created a fuller head of hair for yourself that's completely undetectable, even from up close, so pack away the evidence!

In general, Toppik products should be stored away from moisture and direct sunlight when not in use - yep, even our massive Giant Size Hair Fibres - so pop 'em under the sink and don't forget to put the caps back on.



Step 7: Enjoy the Toppik effect

Once you've applied and styled your Toppik hair fibres, you have nothing left to do but enjoy the experience of having full and healthy-looking hair again. Toppik hair fibres are made from pure keratin protein, the same stuff that your own hair is made of, so they look exactly like the real deal.

Better yet, they will last through wind, rain and perspiration, and stay in place all day and all night until your next shampoo. All Toppik products complement each other so we recommend browsing through our full range of hair loss solutions to see what else we can do to enhance your hair.

Still not convinced? Check out this video to see how simple it is to apply Toppik! They say a picture paints a thousand words... 

Hair loss affects a lot of Australian men and women, but that doesn't mean you have to lie down and accept it. While the psychological impact of losing your hair can be intense, it can also be managed with the right attitude and the right products.

30 day money back guarantee 1

Give Toppik Hair Building Fibres a go to turn your own hair loss narrative around. We offer a complete 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all our hair fibres because we understand what a giant leap of faith it takes to:

a) acknowledge that you're losing your hair

b) give a product that seems 'too good to be true' a go

This means that if you don’t think Toppik is as effective or as easy to use as we have said it is, then you can simply return the container, even if it has been used, within 30 days of receiving your order. We will refund the purchase price - no questions asked.

If this seems like a foolhardy offer to you, then understand that to us it isn't because we believe in our products. We also believe that it's the little things that matter in life and that's why we have the expression "bad hair day" in the first place. Avoid having another one and take that leap of faith. Check out the full Toppik range and keep the hair you still have looking its best. With Toppik fibres, it's very likely that it will look better than it has in years.

Discover Toppik hair fibres here or give us a call on 1300 867 745.