Men’s hairstyles which work with thin hair

Toppik on 8 May 2015

Whether you’re a recent addition to the 'Thin Hair Club', or you’ve been a lifelong member, you might understand the frustration and limitations of thin hair.

Well, believe it or not, there are many in the Thin Hair Club who also walk the red carpet. With their faces planted all over magazines across the world, how do they do it? How do they have the confidence to really own their hair and still look great?

Yes, they may have a personal hairstylist. But you can too -- and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars!

Toppik Hair Fibres are a hair stylist in a can. When you combine a great hairstyle with Toppik hair thickener, you too will have the confidence to walk the red carpet.

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Our celebrity picks for the top 3 hairstyles for men.

Daniel Craig

daniel craigIs it too cheesy to nominate James Bond for one of the best hairstyles of the year? We don’t think so.

Sure, he probably tops this list every 3 years – but we just think that's because the ‘Bond look’ is timeless. Or at least in time with every new film release!

Daniel Craig shows that you can look bold and confident, even if you happen to sport baby thin hair. Though the Aston Martin probably helps, too.




Tom Hardy

tom hardyFrom Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and now Mad Max, Tom Hardy’s varying character roles are matched by his wide range of hairstyles.

We might not suggest his Bane hairstyle, but his most recent doo is a perfect suggestion for anyone who has thinning hair.

Slicked back and stylish. It’s a retro look and a great way to evenly cover thin or thinning hair.




Paul Rudd

paul ruddFunny or serious, Paul Rudd has remained a consistent force on the big screen. Middle age hasn’t seemed to blunt a youthful sense of humour or cheeky good looks. Miraculously, his hair has also remained looking full bodied.

We don’t know all his secrets (hair thickening fibres, maybe?) but his hairstyle helps hide any trace of thinning hair. 

A short style cut -- somewhere in between well groomed and purposefully messy -- takes the focus off his hair and redirects it onto a cheeky grin.




Thinning hair? Give it a boost.

Toppik Hair Fibres are a hair stylist in a can. When you combine a great hairstyle with Topic hair thickener, even you will have the confidence to walk the red carpet.

When it comes to thin hair, sometimes a new style just wont cut it.

Even a great new haircut might not be enough to shape your thin hair. Sometimes you need that little bit extra to get the great hairstyle you are after. That’s where Toppik comes in.

Toppik natural hair fibres boost the volume of your thin hair instantly, giving it a full-bodied look. Toppik fibres will stay put, so you can have certified celebrity looks, rain, sweat or shine.

So, are you ready for the new you? Try out Toppik and start your style transformation.