Your hair may be slender, but the range of suitable hairstyles isn't

Toppik on 16 July 2015

Here’s something you may be surprised by - according to the top hairstylists, there are just four different types of hair.

That’s because most of them use the Andre Walker system - a grading system developed by Oprah’s long-term hairstylist that says hair can be either straight, wavy, curly, or kinky.

What about thin hair, Andre? Not everyone was born with the luxuriant locks of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and co.

Well, while you may lament your lean locks, top celebrity stylists like Andre don’t let sparse or fine hair get in the way of a stunning hairdo. Believe it or not, even thin hair falls into one of the four categories; the key is using the right tricks to disguise it and make the most of what you’ve got.

So here’s our list of top hairstyles for women with thin hair, as modelled by your favourite celebrities:

1. The loose plait - as seen on Cameron Diaz.

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cameron diaz toppik

Braids are extremely popular amongst the glitterati right now - a nightmare trend for ladies with thinner hair. Thankfully, Cameron Diaz shows that keeping the plait loose avoids the usual issue seen with tight braids putting pressure on the hair follicles.

An added bonus is that this simple twist doesn’t require much product and works beautifully with a rounder face shape like Cameron’s.

Also seen on: Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively.

Pro tip: avoid using coconut oil with this look. It’s all the rage right now, but it makes thin hair look even thinner by weighing it down. 

2. The lightly-weaved bob - as seen on Helen Mirren.

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helen mirren toppik

With nowhere to hide from the dreaded photographer’s flashbulb, most people with one eye on the red carpet are aware of Helen Mirren’s thinning hair. With all the class you’d expect from the oscar-winner, Dame Helen faces the cameras undaunted with a short, light weave courtesy of a pair of wide-barrelled tongs. The big curls hide the thinning and create a timeless, elegant look.

Also seen on: Jennifer Lawrence.

Pro tip - a volumising shampoo and conditioner will give this ideal hairstyle for less hair a further boost and stop the curls flattening out.

3. The choppy bob - as seen on Meg Ryan.

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meg ryan toppik

One of the most iconic actresses of the nineties made the most of her fine, wispy hair with an equally iconic hairstyle - her signature choppy bob. Adding layers to the classic bob look creates maximum volume, with Meg adding some very light curls to stop her ‘do looking limp.

Also seen on: Glenn Close, Diane Sawyer.

Pro tip - use a light mousse or salt-water spray to highlight the textures of this ideal hairstyle for thin hair, as styling wax may flatten it out too much.

4. The mid-length shoulder-grazer - as seen on Sharon Stone.

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sharon stone toppik

Some minimal layering and an ideal length that falls just below the shoulders helps Sharon Stone’s light-on hair look much fuller. While the Casino star could have added a couple of loose curls for even more volume, a rough side part keeps the look modern and fresh.

Also seen on: Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba.

Pro tip: resist the temptation to finish off this look with the straightening iron. The same goes for overdoing it with the hairdryer as this will create a limp, thin look.

5. The half up, half down - as seen on Gwynneth Paltrow.

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gwynneth paltrow toppik

Gwynneth’s stunning hairstyle reflects her overall celebrity image - sleek, stylish, and refined. Working perfectly with a square face shape, this one is quite easy to achieve if you have long or medium-length hair.

Also seen on: Kate Middleton, Jessica Chastain.

Pro tip: Combat the exposed roots by using a hair thickener like Toppik Hair thickening fibres. Also, you may need a little hair spray for this one. Ok, a lot...

6. The pixie - as seen on Kate Winslet.

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kate winslet toppik

Certainly not one for the faint of heart, Titanic star Kate Winslet really rocked the boat when she debuted this swept-back, textured pixie look.

As well as being incredibly fresh and stylish, this chop is one of the best short hairstyles for fine hair. It complements the English rose’s round face shape and the addition of some volumising styling product masks the fact that her poker-straight locks are as fine as frog’s hair.

Also seen on: Mila Jovovich.

Pro tip: consider bringing out the rollers for a bouncier, lively look.

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