What you need to know about products "like" Toppik

Toppik on 7 March 2016

Toppik Couvre Product

When you go shopping, you'll almost always have to choose between the best and the cheapest items. You should be suspicious of any product that claims to be the best for the lowest price. We've all been disappointed by products like that before.

When it comes to hair thickening and styling products, not all fibres are created equal. Cheap fibres aren't resistant to weather and don't offer a natural look and style. This is because other brands use an inferior material for their fibres that is made from cotton, but your hair isn't made of cotton!

At Toppik, we have scientifically developed hair thickening fibres made of Keratin, the same protein that natural hair is made of, that are long lasting and can hold up to the challenges of the day ahead. The reality is, you can't get Toppik results without Toppik.

Toppik alternatives may not be cheaper in the long run

Many of the brands that claim to offer products like Toppik are cheaper than authentic Toppik Hair Building Fibres. That's because they offer lower-quality fibres that cost less to produce. Some price-savvy customers might be inclined to try these brands in the hope of getting the same results as Toppik for a lower price.

However, many customers have found that low-quality Toppik alternatives do not last nearly as long as Toppik does, finding themselves having to reapply low-quality fibres during the day. Fibres from another brand might cost less, but if you have to reapply it more often, Toppik might be more economical in the long run!

The dangers of fake and counterfeit products

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There are dangers far worse than a bad hair day when it comes to using fibres that are not from trusted and authentic suppliers like Toppik. Many of the cheap fibres that can be found online are counterfeits that are manufactured in China and made to look like premium brands. These could be potentially damaging to your hair or even harmful to your health.

Recent examples of dangerous counterfeit products coming out of China include baby formula contaminated with melamine and hoverboards that have caused fires.

Many brands fail to live up to the claims they make.

Common problems with low-quality Toppik alternatives

Before you try an inferior product, make sure you know what you're getting. Not all hair thickening fibres are made of keratin like Toppik; some brands use a type of cotton for their fibres. Your hair is made of keratin so the best way to get thick, natural looking hair is to use keratin fibres.

Even the brands that do offer keratin fibres don't provide the same result as Toppik. Many brands fail to live up to the claims they make. Here are some common problems with low-quality brands, sourced from online reviews:

  • Fibres don't stick to hair – Many people have found that the fibres of low-quality products don't stick to hair properly and instead fall onto the scalp, failing to produce the look of natural, thick hair.
  • Fibres fall out easily – Even if a low-quality brand's fibres stick to hair initially, they often don't stay there for long. Many people have reported hair fibres falling out and getting on their skin and clothing.
  • Fibres don't look natural – One of the biggest problems that people have with low-quality Toppik alternatives is that the results simply don't look natural or stylish.

Forget 'products like Toppik'. Get the real thing!

Using a genuine Toppik product is the only way to get Toppik results. We know our products are the best and we have over 3 million worldwide customers to support that claim. That's enough satisfied customers to fill the MCG 30 times.

Why choose Toppik?

  • One-stop-shop for hair loss treatment – We offer much more than just hair thickening fibres. If you're interested in hair regrowth products, check out the Toppik Complete Solutions pack.
  • 30-day money back guarantee – If you're new to Toppik and you're not completely satisfied with the product, simply return the container within 30 days to receive a full refund. No questions asked.
  • Long lasting – Toppik withstands wind, rain and perspiration. You'll look great, all day long.

Get the best quality hair fibres for yourself, order Toppik online today.